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You have entered the section of our website that describes the how the RAJSA Inc. is structured in order to be managed effectively. Here we present our Rules (Constitution), State Council & Committees including the Terms of Reference and Manuals that guide their activities.
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Terms of use
First, we have a Constitution (we refer to it as "Rules"). This is the principal document that governs the Association. The Rules take precedence over any other Association document.
Second, we have a State Council. This is an elected body of members who are responsible for Governance of the Association. The State Council appoints the office bearers of; President, Vice President and Treasurer. The Registrar (called a Secretary in some organisations) is a full time paid position and the Registrar is an ex-officio member of the State Council.
Third, the State Council creates committees to manage activities of the Association. These committees operate under a set of Terms of Reference approved by State Council.
The future for the Association. There is a Vision, Mission and Strategic Plan for the RAJSA. This plan contains a number of strategic priorities. The Strategic Plan is reviewed every two years.
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Discussion paper on the structure of State Council.
WHS Policy
WHS Accident Notification form